Health & Safety

Northern Engineering Survey has developed a safety system, to the importance of planning health and safety into projects to satisfy the needs of our clients and to improve the safety standards and working environment of our employees.

The company will actively seek the support of all operatives engaged on project to look after the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues by working with in the spirit of Health & Safety plan.
The company require the employees at all levels to support and strictly implement the safety and environment program to achieve the target of “ZERO ACCIDENT WORKING ENVIRONMENT “during all our operations.

Health Plan

A. First Aid

  • A full first aid box shall be maintained and placed in the site office and on all survey vehicles.
  • All first cases shall be recorded in a first aid treatment log
  • All senior surveyors are trained in providing first aid.

B. Medical facility

  • Minor injuries which cannot be treated by the first aider will be immediately referred to nearest hospital.
  • In the event of a more serious injury, adequate facility will be made available to call a physician or ambulance or contact any other agency or to transport the injured person from the work place to nearest health centre.

Safety Plan

A. Safety Induction

  • All employees shall attend safety induction training program before starting work on any project according to the requirement.

C. Accident / Incident Reporting

  • Each event which results an occupational injury or illness shall be reported and investigated in accordance with the with the company procedures prepared.
  • The learning value of the accident investigation report will be implemented and cascade d to all employees.

B. Basic Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Basic fire fighting training shall be given to the survey crew to ensure that sufficient trained personnel are available in the event of breaking out of fire at working place.

D. Personnel Protective Equipment.

The company provides all its employees working at site with the survey personal protective equipment required for different operations. Project personnel are required wear PPE’S supplied while at work. Any defaulter shall be penalized for not wearing PPE by safety Default Notice.

  • Hard hat, Safety foot wear and reflective jackets are Mandatory for all work forces.
  • Employees shall be provided with eye protections, hearing protection hand protection and fall protection equipments etc,as required depending on site conditions.

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